In a crowded CBD industry, iSOL8 stands apart from the competition mixing the worlds top eliquid flavors with our 99.99% CBD isolate to provide a vapeable CBD liquid that will blow your mind.

Using our CBD Vape liquid will help maintain higher levels of cannabadoils necessary for your body to keep a balance in your system.  Our CBD isolate contains ZERO THC and is made from Industial Hemp.

Potential benefits for using CBD oil include:

Anti-cancer in some settings (always see a doctor first!)
May help with Multiple Sclerosis Syndromes
May help with chemotherapy treatment for cancer (efficacy/tolerance)
May help some autism/ASD symptoms
May help with ADD and ADHD
May help with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)
May help with neurodegenerative disorders
May help with quitting smoking
May help with opiate withdrawal/replacement
May help with other substance use disorders
May help with insomnia
May help with acne, psoriasis and some other skin problems (can be used both orally and topically)



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